About Me

Hi friends, I'm Jess! An average twenty-something year old Latina residing in Los Angeles. I started blogging in 2017 (previously known as Lifestyle By Jess) to highlight fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. Now, I've decided to take another path in blogging and focus more on my travels and foodie ventures.

Currently, I am a full-time higher education professional. My favorite things include my cat Charlie, playing tourist in my own city, and having good hair days. ​

This is a place where you will find all the instaworthy + must-visit restaurants while traveling. I hope to inspire you to go

"Out Of Office" and enjoy the best views that this world has to offer, all while treating yourself to the best meals and deals. 

I am incredibly thankful for each of you who stops by,

allowing me to share my tasty travels. Enjoy!


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 If you’re interested in working with Jess on a partnership please email: jetlagfoodie@gmail.com