Welcome to my lasagna obsession. The cheesier the better! I just love the savory moment of taking that very first bite of the most perfect piece of ground beef ragu, mixed in with tomato, mozzarella, besciamel and EXTRA Parmesan cheese (in this case it was Nonna's Lasagna with complimentary bread and butter). Sounds yummy right?

The House of Meatballs, located in Westwood, CA,  is my favorite little place to eat lasagna (aside from my Dad's home cooked cheesy lasagna of course).  This restaurant offers many fresh pasta options such as the original Alfredo pasta and ravioli. Here, you even have the option to create your own pasta, catering to your palette, by choosing the meat balls, the sauce, and the pasta- which I will mention is made from scratch.

The meat and pasta is cooked to perfection. I am not even kidding when I say perfection. As soon as your plate is delivered to your table, you'll see what I'm talking about ;)

To order, they give you a dry-erase menu and a marker to mark what you'd like. Service is also great! Very attentive and pleasant. Although quite small, it is the perfect cute little cozy place to take your mom out to lunch or have dinner with your girlfriends.

This restaurant is truly a cheesy gem.

Instagram: @house_of_meatballs

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