Out Of Office: Honolulu, Hawaii

*Please note that this post does not encourage you to disregard the CDC recommendations for COVID-19. All activities participated in this post were with caution, practicing everyday preventive actions*

One year later, our Hawaii dream vacation finally happened. If you are also planning a visit to the beautiful island of O'ahu, here are my top 3 must-visit:

  1. Diamond Head Hike - $5 per person to enter (without vehicle). The paved hike is challenging and can take an average of 45 minutes to reach the top. However, the view is absolutely stunning and so worth the heavy-breathing hike!

  2. Nu'uanu Pali Lookout - Beautiful lookout with amazing, powerful winds.

  3. Swim & watch the sunset in Waikiki Beach - Although it gets crowded if you plan to visit, try to visit closer to sunset. The views are wonderful, and the water is nice and cool.

You can check out our Google Maps for all the eatery + activities + sights we planned out to visit!

Things to know

It's important to be fully aware of Hawaii's travel requirements. For example, when we visited, we had to take a mandatory covid test (despite being fully vaccinated), showing negative results within 72 hours from our flight. You can visit Hawaii's safe travel site for the latest information here.


There is currently a car rental shortage in Hawaii, so plan on how you will be traveling around the island. We relied on Uber to get around whenever we had to leave the resort.


1. Budget, budget, and budget! Taking any vacation is 100x better if you're paying it in cash. Unfortunately, Hawaii can be very expensive, so plan and save for it. Aside from the plane tickets and hotel expenses, food was the next biggest expense.

2. Buy your Hawaii merch (and Hawaiian chocolate) at Walmart, especially if you're planning to bring some to your family and friends. It's so much more affordable and practically the same as what you'll find at their ABC stores. You can also buy water here to take to your hotel/Airbnb.

3. Plan ahead and book Luaus and any other activities at least 2-3 months in advance.

4. Book an island tour! We loved the Sights & Bites tour around O'ahu. You can find some discounts here.

Our resort: Hilton Hawaiian Villiage Resort

You can view my full week in Hawaii via Instagram Reels!

Nu'uanu Pali Lookout here

Diamond Head Hike here

Hotel views here

Our trip in 30 seconds here

Aloha, and safe travels!