You don't need to convince me to go eat breakfast at a trendy restaurant on a weekend morning! I am proud to say that breakfast is my all time favorite meal of the day.  To be quite honest, I can have breakfast food at any time of the day- you name it. Whether its half past noon or about to be midnight, pancakes, hash browns, toast, and omelettes all sound good (and taste good!) to me.

After a morning hike with Marco at Griffith Park, we decided to reward our very productive morning with some well deserved breakfast. A friend of ours recommended us to this restaurant not too far from Griffith Park called Alcove Cafe & Bakery. Now let me tell you, Alcove DID NOT disappoint. They had so many breakfast options I kinda felt overwhelmed. They just had so many options! The omelette section alone was remarkable. After spending about 10-15 minutes scanning the menu and getting suggestions, I ordered the Carnitas Omelette with chipotle-spiced black beans, rosemary potatoes and two slices of wheat bread with strawberry jelly.

When my plate arrived I was head over heels in love with my breakfast. The portions were perfect, everything was freshly made, and the jelly came in the most adorable little jar! 100% recommend!

The venue is very welcoming and dog friendly. It seems like the restaurant itself used to be a house. Servers are friendly but very occupied assisting other costumers so you might need to track a server down to ask for a to-go box. I almost always order a glass of water as my choice of beverage when I eat out so it was convenient for me to have access to their water station near the entrance.

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