WFH Quarantine Lunch

Working in higher education, the idea of ever working from home never crossed my mind. Commuting 2+ hours EVERYDAY to go to and from work just seemed like something that was a part of the culture when you live and work in the city of Los Angeles.

Never say never, right? Due to the current social distancing recommendations, my department sent everyone home to work from home indefinitely. Now, ever since mid-March, I have been working from home! It's hard to believe sometimes because I've gotten so used to waking up at 4:45am, Monday through Friday, to catch my Vanpool (which is the method I used to commute to work), just to get to work by 7:30am. Then, to go home, I would leave my office at 4:30pm to catch my Vanpool and get home anytime between 6:30-7pm. Ridiculous right? But that was my normal work routine. Now my only “commute” is less than a minute away. Which is, going from my bed to my desk LOL.

In all honesty, it was rough getting used to the idea of working from home (WFH). The only thing that really felt normal was my lunch time. Lucky for me, WFH gave me the convenience of getting lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Jack in the Box. Being able to get out of the house to get my lunch for the day allowed me to keep a bit of normalcy in my work routine. It’s the little things that helped me with the transition!

Being a true foodie at heart, I always opt for their delicious Tiny Tacos or their Loaded Tiny Tacos! Basically, just think of their Loaded Tacos but make them mini. SO GOOD. Pair them up with their yummy dipping sauces and you’ll have yourself a treat-worthy lunch. ;)

I really like their OG Tiny Tacos with the creamy Avocado Lime sauce and taco sauce (my usual order). These bite sized tacos are also great for when you’re feeling snackish! Jack in the Box’s Tiny Tacos price can’t be beat. You get 15 mini tacos all for $3! Get them loaded for a buck more #YUM. If you know then you know, that these delicious Tiny Tacos were once a LTO (limited time offer) and now they’re permanently on the menu. #winning

The convenience of getting my lunch was one thing, but getting a meal that is delicious and filling is key to feeling your best while WFH. Check out Jack’s Offers page to unlock lots of delicious deals! To stay up to date with Jack’s newest menu items, visit their website at

Part of the convenience of getting my lunches from Jack in the box are their locations. There’s one close to my house so leaving to get my order during my lunch break is totally possible. On days that I’m limited on time, I place my order in advance via their website or on their mobile app. So convenient! You can order Jack’s Tiny Tacos today via delivery, or find your nearest JIB drive-thru location.

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Learn from me, the ultimate hack on keeping your work routine as normal as possible is treating yourself to a well-deserved lunch! Treat yourself and get your foodie behavior on with Jack’s #TinyTacos

*Please note that while this post was sponsored by Jack in the Box, the experience and opinions are all my own!

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